US Census Bureau Open Data

This site was created by Esri for the public to gain access to US Census Bureau data.

This is an example of unlocking U.S. Census Bureau authoritative data by providing an open access point to the public. Open Data is easily discoverable and accessible to the public in a variety of formats including: spreadsheet, Shapefile, KML and API (GeoJson and GeoService). Share the authoritative datasets (both geospatial and non-geospatial data) easily with just a few clicks by uploading content to the cloud or from web services.

Using This Site

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find data relating to topics of interest or click one of the dataset links on the left side of this page. As you browse through the different data, the extent of each will be displayed on the map. Once you find what you are looking for, select the data to be able to view the data and get options for download. This site is being updated so check back for additional data.

Downloading Data

Data is offered for download in several ways. First the data can be downloaded as Shapefiles or KML for GIS applications, and CSV for tables and spreadsheets.


Access datasets for your apps in the API of your choice through the Download Data API link using the Esri GeoServices REST Spec or GeoJSON.

About the Data

The creators of this site make no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or suitability of this data, and it should not be construed or used as a legal description. Unless otherwise noted, the content, data, and related materials on the site are subject to the US Census Bureau’s Terms of Service for the survey data using the Census Data API and for the TIGERweb geography.